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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little girly things, fall fashion and a day in the life of my allergies

DISCLAIMER: The pictures at the bottom of this blog might bother you. They gross me out, but hey.. its just an allergic reaction in the end. Just a heads up :)

Its a bright and lively day. I woke up this morning and my hair was combined with a kitten. Literally.

This kitten loves my hair. She was nestled into my hair like a fitted helmet this morning! Chris was laughing at me.
I wish I had a picture of what she was doing. 

Speaking of..


 The last two weeks I discontinued the washing of my hair DAILY. I switched it to every other day.
It has evolved in that time alone. I'm amazed at how much softer it is already.
  I finally made a commitment and stuck to it. It was so hard the first 4 days. I felt gross. I dont like dry shampoo, so I decided that even if I don't shampoo it everyday, I can wet it and get it rinsed out so that I don't feel as weird about it. The oil finally balanced out and I no longer feel disgusting!
I know this is a known fact, that you aren't suppose to wash it everyday. It took real commitment for me to stop though. Addiction maybe? Having that clean feeling is habit that you have to pay for in the long run.
And since I have fine hair, I still have to shampoo it on the second day. I wouldn't go any longer than that, unless my hair was beastly thick.

Love these hair illustrations


I have been holding out for fall. It is one of my favorite seasons...! I feel like this is where the real styling comes in.

Summer: shorts, tank top, flip flops, sunglasses = easy breezy

Fall:  jeans, leggings, sweaters, layered tanks, cardigans, scarves, beanies, boots, moccasins, etc. = more involved.


I am sooo ready to switch over to an iPhone. I knew one day I would want one, and I feel like I have been holding out for the longest time. Right now I have a Samsung Epic. I have truly enjoyed this as my first smartphone. I am not sure why, but my phone is starting to run so slow and just shuts off randomly.

 There are many reasons I have wanted this. The only thing that freaks me out is that I always tend to drop my phone! Well, over time... It is scary how much I have dropped it. And I think that the iPhone (no matter which version) has always been extremely fragile. Even with a case. What do you guys think? iPhone ..worth it?


If you don't know who Kandee Johnson is----- you are missing out. She is one of my biggest inspirations everyday. She is a well-known make up artist for Mtv, VH1, movies, bridal make up and stage make up. Shes also great with hair, fashion, costume tutorials, craft ideas, recipes, great advice, and an all around mood lifter. 
:) She is an incredible mom of 4. She has personal videos which share more about who she is and I love those ones. I have been watching her for years now.

 She has a heart of gold. If I could make up a best friend, she would have at least 1/2 of Kandee Johnsons spirit. She recently uploaded a video and I always comment on her videos when I have a thought.

On Wednesday, she responded to my comment. See below. I was on the phone with my sister, Jessica and suddenly, I was freaking out because I looked at my email. "Kandee Johnson replied to your comment on youtube". I immediately started to get tears in my eyes because it makes me feel more closely connected to her. She saw what I wrote. She reads her comments and had a moment to say something back. There are GAZILLIONS of people who write to her daily. She doesn't have the time to respond to each and every person and I know it wasn't anything too elaborate, but it certainly made my day. 

I took a screen shot. My name on YouTube is 07StarEyes. Sorry its so big, but I wanted you guys to be able to read it!

See below:

My lover boy:

He is so good to me. He got me these flowers to let me know how much he appreciates me... just because. No special occasion. He often will be out and about and get something for me, just because he thinks of me. Hes so sweet <3

These are my favorite flowers. Lilies and roses.

Allergies and what I have to be careful about.
(its kinda gross.. but it is what it is)

Hair dyes and chemicals from salons.

I want to show you what happens. 

Here is my normal eye:

Here is my face/eye after being around chemicals from a hair dye:

With this photo ^ On that day, I couldnt see well if I opened my eye, or attempted to.. Plus it hurts to push them open when they are THAT swollen. So I just decided to lie down, take benedryl and sleep.

Infact, I think it makes my nose and cheeks swell as well.

Here is after benedryl, but you can see those bumps/hives above still.

My only allergy is not hair dye. I am allergic to shrimp, wasps, dead grass, fresh cut grass, cats (which is why I have a hypoallergenic kitty), Cefzil (prescription antibiotic) and cigarettes (aka --more chemicals)

With all of the above, I either break out in hives, or have difficulty breathing. HATE it.I usually have to immediately remove any make up too.. Just so that it doesn't exacerbate the problem.

I would like to try out an allergy test sometime to see what all the list entails.
You never know what youre allergic to unless you have a random outbreak like this. Fun times. Sometimes it happens after I finally allow myself to rub my eyes. Before the reaction really goes full blown, my eyes will be stinging, or tingling. If I don't touch them, they may not swell to this extreme case.. It all depends though.


I am loving the new fall weather. Here's a tree in our neighborhood. Love the change in color. :)

Anyway, happy pumpkin time!! I am excited for October.
Any plans? Once Halloween hits, all the other holidays quickly follow!!
What do you guys think of the new iPhone 5?
Do you guys get allergies?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keeping Life Lovely

Life - Don't let it get you down.

A few tips from yours truly.

I don't claim to be an expert, but I know that these things have helped me a lot recently. We all have had our fair share of mcshittle days!

I have almost always seen my day make a complete 180 turn-around when it comes to my thoughts and my next intention for the day.

#1) Do something for someone else.

For some people this is really simple. They are parents and they do a ton of things in a day for someone else. For the single people, it may be something as small as giving someone some spare change to buy their coffee when it turns out they didn't have enough cash. Or even, calling someone to let them know you've missed them. It gets the focus off of your own problems and makes them smaller.

#2) Listen to an upbeat song! 
Music is the ultimate care taker. No matter what, it can almost ALWAYS change me to at least think differently. That is a beautiful thing. Alone? Blast it!! I always do. With other people? Listen on your ear-buds anyway.. The nice thing about that is you can hear the intricate parts of the song that you maybe didn't before. Just do it :)

#3) Say in your mind "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" 
Know that one thing is for sure..Life always goes on. And usually, in a month, or even another day, we wont feel as bad as we do in the moment of irritation or even sadness. There are so many times when I seriously have tortured myself in thought. "Way to go self, for making the situation worse than it should be!" Don't do it! Keep positive!

#4) Doll yourself up
I know for me, if I look in the mirror and I see "Hagrid" instead of Cec, I feel so yucky. Enjoy the time of taking care of your body. Get a nice hot shower, put lotion on all over afterward, and put on some nice clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in! Putting on a little bit of make up, and cute clothes always helps me to pull myself out of my funk.

#5) Do something new.
 I once used to want a new piercing every time I got bored. Obviously, that wont work.. I ran out of spots I wanted to pierce. Hence why I once had my tongue pierced. That was fun at the time. Now I try and change up something else :) Go get a hair cut. Travel by using your feet, or your bicycle. Hang out somewhere and observe the busy world around you. You might feel a certain stillness inside of you. I always do.

#6) Move around. 
Dance. Get outside. Go for a walk or even better.. get a good work out in! That is proven to make you feel better. Endorphins are REAL and scientific. 

#7) If you don't have a lot of energy-- 
take a nap, or a bath. I am an avid believer in taking baths when stress comes around. There are some amazing products out there that soothe mental fatigue. I had a friend get me a bunch of these items for my birthday and she will never know just how much it saved my life..

#8) Check a few things off your to do list.
 Every time I accomplish something (even just getting a load of laundry done) It makes me feel good. So get after it and get one of those pesky things done and you'll be glad you did! Make that call. Complete the task. Finish that book. Get the assignment out of the way! Just do it!

#9) Celebrate that you are living in this country. 
Yep! We have it better than most people and we are richer in so many ways and we don't always appreciate it. Just be glad to be breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and living in a nice place.

#10) Love on someone... !
but really, go pet your dog/cat. Go give a friend a hug. Give your lover a cuddle/massage. Give some sort of physical affection. Touch is something that a lot of people see as not important, or just lustful. But it has been shown in studies that people are healthier just by having contact with someone else.

Hope this inspires some of you :) I know I need to read this entry on those types of days!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts, Questions & Confessions

 There so many topics I could write on right now but I haven't been able to reflect clearly. So here are some of my most random, unclear, thoughts I have had recently.


  • How rich would you be if money were in terms of happiness, instead of currency? 
  • I am at a crossroad in my life right now. I need to make some decisions and plan small steps on my next move. 
  • Every so often, I fantasize of having short hair. But my hair is my comfort, so I would probably have a panic attack after its gone.
  • I often wonder if two people can have the same vision, or is it that there is one person who is always compromising?
  •  I want to try JET BLACK hair.  The black hair and my fair skin would make me look like a totally different person and possibly even more like an anime character (as people say I look like Sailor Moon) lol

  • Nothing makes me happier than being touched & massaged.

  • What makes you feel most passionate and alive? Music, designs, photos and color. Love and kisses. 
  • I try to see each experience as a way to learn. Try not to let go of the student mentality.
  • What's the difference between being alive and truly living? 
  • Has your greatest fear ever come true? 
  •  "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa
  •  There are so many things that can be left unsaid.s... I think we should all try to think of others feelings more. Before speaking, try to process whats about to come out a little longer and think..   1) Is it helpful/beneficial?   2)Is it kind?    3) Is it true?   
We may find ourselves talking a little less...which is okay too.

  •  I believe one way to stay in love is to devote to making that person have a better day everyday. Whether that means cooking for them, or letting them know how much they mean to you or picking up a flower for them.. Girls love that ;) 
  • I have an appreciation for the bodies of both men and women. I think both men and women are soo beautiful in their own ways. There is something beautiful about each person.
  • Why do I always have issues with my eyes? Allergies, watery eyes, stuff flying in there, eyelashes jamming into my eyeball.. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I wonder if other people have these issues all the time like I do.
  • Laughter is a beautiful thing. Too bad we can't force ourselves to feel that feeling with a touch of a button. (Naturally, I mean :P)
  • Here are some random photos..  :)

Can I have this pillow?!

 Last but not least.. Here is Bliss. Shes feeling much better now.
 It is amazing how much shes grown and changed. Her eyes, her paws, her features...Check it out!

She's so beautiful. <3 Still a kitten but she has developed a lot!

I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings.

Toodles. xo