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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be thankful..and true. Make time for yourself.

I miss the summer....

It was so hot outside and sunny when I took this picture... I wish I could have warm weather everyday...!! I want to stay inside now everyday..and I want to go buy some sweaters and socks!

 Oh well, I guess it just a part of one of my favorite holidays ever... Not just Christmas, buuuut Thanksgiving is also very special to me. This year we are being welcomed to have Thanksgiving dinner with Chris's brother Michael and his wife, Holly and the little ones. We don't get to see them often enough! They are so sweet to welcome us over! I am excited. We are going to do it up BIG. I plan on making a few dishes. I love it all but I feel like thanksgiving is not complete without green bean casserole, sweet potatoes/mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  :)

I just cant wait to relax and enjoy their company and take the time to clear my head and fill my belly!

I haven't decided whether or not we will put our tree up this year. It is a big tree! and very heavy... I wonder how my little kitten would do with that! lol

Here is our tree from 2010. 

When I was little, this was my favorite thing in the world. I always wanted to help decorate it. My mom has the cutest ornament collection.

I wish I had a photo of my moms ornaments.

The past few years, for Christmas we have participated and loved exchanging gifts with all of our loved ones at Christmas time. This year, we dont want others to buy for us, as well as let them know we wont be able to do the entire exchange this year. It is a little sad, but honestly.. I am a grown adult and don't need a whole lot to be happy. I have all the things I need. I am just lucky to have my family who we can go visit. 

So, I know I talk about the subject of making life better and hopefully being happy and care free?

Well, I think I need to start reflecting on tips to create happiness.

I am starting a project with myself. A challenge. This is a mental challenge. Last year it was shopping ban for a whole month. This year, its using my "mental pushups" through out the day. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. I continue new ways to enhance my life and now is the time to practice of course.

Treating ourselves cannot be considered selfish if it makes us happier and can help others to be lifted by our GOOD MOODS...

Whos going to look out for #1 if I don't?

-Walk outside for even a few minutes. A breath of fresh air is needed more than you think. 

-Read more. Set aside time to read.

-Listen to an upbeat song. (Take a break for even a few minutes. MUSIC always changes my mood... Why haven't I been doing this on breaks on a stressful day?) This is a no brainer... My last job allowed me to listen to music my entire day at one point... When that was taken away, I forgot how much that was my stress relief.

- Browse a magazine on break.

-Spend time in nature.

- Move your body.
-Know that I am the master of my own domain.Yeah.. I said that.

- Accept others as they are.

-Don't resist the now.

-Gift yourself great feelings.

-Spend the first hour of the day on yourself.  Get up and smile, take a hot shower and get some yummy smelling bodywash.... and just enjoy this moment to yourself. Its the little things.

- Always act as if its a wonderful day, from the moment you wake up. 

-Pride vs. making yourself proud.

-Light a nice candle and take a bath

-Know that a large factor of energy is rejuvenation.
-Take time to pet the cat/dog and you'll feel better. No matter what.

Play with the cat. It will bring out your inner child.

 Time to start feeling full again.. And now, I am working towards the dedication I had when I was little. And at one point, it shall become effortless...? Maybe.
These are just some of my thoughts on being happier now days...

I will check in a little later from now and see how "project happy" is doing. This is a mindful process. Working towards it everyday.

 Ill seal this deal with a picture of mac and cheese because.. it makes me happy.

and this centerpiece

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anti-hoarding, Shopping and Current Goals!

Whats up homies? I have been working a lot and neglecting my blog!

 Its already November... WHAT!

I am freezing today!
 Whats new? 

I finally got an Iphone. I worked hard for that. MAN I FEEL SOoooO COOL NOW!
Just kidding. But it is a nice phone and I haven't had any troubles at all with it.

I also tried that eye make up remover (baby oil + baby shampoo + water = amaZING.) I will never buy store bought make up remover again. I have saved a ton of money, time and hassle by switching my method! Go for it and tell me what you think!

I finally have cut my hair. It has been a while.
I chopped like 3-4 inches off my hair. Feels a little odd! but fresh and healthy. Next time, I am pretty sure I will tell the stylist to cut just an inch.

...they always cut more than what you ask them to do. I have no shame. I just enjoy having hippie style long hair. thats all.. :)

Maybe that will change one day. But for now, I feel exposed without it. Its been confirmed that I like my hair rut for now. 


 Here is my newest motto:

 Living the simple life.. anti-hoarding. :)

 Lately I have been going crazy with my organization. I don't want to have any clutter anymore. I hate piles of paper.. It makes my skin crawl. I want to re-do all parts of my belongings, and then continually keep tidy that way. I feel like Chris has encouraged me to get rid of things that I don't need. It feels so good to see some open space.

This would be an incredible living space!

I have re-done my closet and gone through EVERYTHING to see what I have. I sold some really nice (buckle and pacsun) jeans at a store and got 4 dollars per pair. That was a little sad to get such a low amount but I need to be honest with myself. I feel good about helping someone else out who wants nice jeans but cannot afford them. 

My clothing swap idea would require much more planning...which I didn't do. I just went ahead and went to Platos Closet and Uptown Cheapskates. I must say.. Platos Closet has blown me off each time I go in there to sell lately. So that was my final attempt after having been let down many times! 

As Americans.. we just accumulate SO MUCH STUFF! Id rather have more money to DO things now. ALTHOUGH I do like an occasional shopping trip. I love shopping and beauty products! but I feel like I have dedicated myself to being a much more responsible shopper over the years. I spend my money on things that I KNOW I will use and hopefully don't already have something at home similar. Shopping gives a temporary high.

My advice to myself has been: 

-be more picky when you buy something. It is incredible to me how much make up, products, clothes and random things we have that we don't even need. or use.

-If it is not absolutely perfect.. Don't get it.

-ITS OKAY and NICE to see a little space in the drawers.

 -If it screams "DON'T LEAVE ME! you'll regret it" then I say, go for it! Buy it.

-Look for a coupon before your purchase.

Recently I went into Old Navy. I don't shop there a lot unless I am looking for something specific. This time it was skinny jeans. I ran across all these cute jeans, and then suddenly.. I see my weakness.. moccasins!! I wanted to buy this whole wall. They were cute and cheap. But I resisted! I have plenty of moccs at home.

These are cute though, huh! 

I would have purchased the bright blue/aqua ones if I needed a pair!

I also tend to wear my shoes until my toe is peeking out of the top. I think that's one big reason why I seem to accumulate so many things. But hey... I get my moneys-worth and I think I learned this from my mother. :) lol.

I finally found a white purse that I love. It has so many pockets and that is just what I need. I hate having to carry a purse everywhere.. but if I am without it, I find myself reaching for chapstick and get sad without it!

I know its not summer anymore.. but white goes with anything so I don't have any shame wearing this year round. I like neutrals tones.

I just have to say to any other MUSIC LOVER.....You need SPOTIFY! If you dont have it. Go get it.I love it right now.. I have discovered more new music through Spotify than any other site/music sharing spot.

My goals for this next month:

_Read more.


_Let go.

Yes this is a goal..
  I know this is weird. but I use to sing 24/7. In my room, in the car, where ever I went. NOW that I have tint in my car... I think I will get back to belting it out when I am all alone. I took voice lessons, piano lessons, viola, cello and.... I banged around on some drums when I could. My entire life has consisted of lots of music and I have let myself down by not pursuing that passion any more in life. My piano teacher got cancer, and then I tried another teacher.. and lost interest.. My voice lessons teacher got pregnant again and I stopped doing those lessons.

_Combat panic attacks/anxiety.
I don't want to start anything too medicinal yet but I am curious about this product called Kalms. Has anyone ever heard of it/tried it before? Does it seem to work when you seem to be stirring inside with anxiety?

I am considering this product. And if not that, I may take more drastic measures. 

Hope all of you are well.. 

Listen to the song at the top.
It's newww :)