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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bliss, german pancakes and friendships

 My new little companion is amazing.

In case you didn't hear, I got my Siberian kitten! Her name is Bliss. She is just so sweet and happy. When we first got her she was a little timid. She is getting less shy as time goes on.. She comes into the bed and lays in between us and just starts to purr like crazy. She loves her toys and to be cuddled. She really likes to be pet. Shes not big on being picked up but shes a kitten with lots of energy and wants to explore everything.

 Here she is with Chris :)

Now I have two precious pets in my life. Although Roxy is a family dog and she has to stay with a backyard, she still is my puppy. I went to visit Roxy yesterday and she was so sweet and playful.


This morning I baked a German pancake and Chris whipped up a berry coulis to put on top -It had blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. YUM!

I was just thinking about life (AGAIN) and how we are so strained in our relationships..

I think Chris can handle all of that above, but sometimes I wonder if other people can. I love my friends and I wish I could see them more often but peoples lives are so busy..
especially as adults.

As I have taken on more responsibility and gotten older, I noticed that my friendships and relationships were harder to keep. It meant putting in a million times the effort. I don't have a lot of time when it comes down to it, and neither do most people.. And when we do have time, are we UP to hanging out or are we tired or just not in the mood?

These are the dilemmas. And now, I don't blame people as much for that. I used to get really pissed off and think.. hmm, that person certainly doesn't care about me.
They probably do, they just have a lot going on. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try though. People say you need to "make time". Honestly you cant MAKE time but you can try and plan ahead. Even then, there's no guarantee!

When I was in school... we saw everyone everyday. It took no special time out of the day to see them because you didn't have to work and pay bills on top of all that. Its a shame, really. The 40+ hour work week thing has GOT to change. I want more time to do things, not less!

Anyway, the beauty of it all is that it makes the time with that person that much more valuable.

By the time I get to the chobani yogurts, it is slim pickings! That would be amaaazing if it were stocked like this at our local stores.


 Today I cried about the bad stuff and then I moved on. It felt very natural to cry and just let it out. I was tired of holding it in. I have been very strong.
 I still think about Brooke very often and just hurt about it....She will never know how much she meant to me and our bond when I was a little girl was crucial.
Another piece of information I haven't released to most people....Please pray for my dad as he has been diagnosed with cancer and....

I'd like to tell cancer to fuck off. 
Sorry if that offends anyone but..

 There's no other way for me to say it. That's just how I feel about it. It has taken way too many lives.

Either way, lets just please not give up on one another. Life is hard but there is so much beauty to go around.
You  never know what kind of battle a person may be going through. Be sensitive and sweet, and try not to judge. 

LOVE you all for checking out my blog.

Please make my day and comment or give feedback :)

I will leave you with a little fashion inspiration from:
Disney Bound

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love, music and food.

Things that make me happy:  

I did work out today! :) It was a forced work out because I am tired but.. I still did it!And I am glad. I am thinking about taking a cycling class or something for the summer.

Here is a sample of this article I found on cycling.

"Physical activity serves as a regulator to relieve the stress that is common in current lifestyles. It produces the balance between exertion and relaxation which is so important for the body’s inner equilibrium. 

Cycling is especially ideal for this process, countering stress in two ways: by satisfying the need for activity where people lack movement or exercise; and by balancing out increased strain, particularly mental and emotional."

To see the full thing , here is the link -->

Now I just want to relax for the day though. All I need to do is meal plan for the week ! Everything else seems to have been "figured out".

I love how our weather keeps going from rainy to sunny.. That's one reason why I love the transition from spring to summer. Today it is somewhat gloomy and it rained last night.

Here is the dub festival we went to! (below) Before the whole show got really kicked off.. I enjoyed it but we ended up leaving early because of not feeling well. Live music is really amazing but I forgot how big red rocks is and how wild it can be! It was great to see old friends!

 I need more dinner ideas so if you guys have any really amazing easy recipes, please do share!

 ^ Yum, I wish! 

Hopefully going on a fruit and veggie run soon! I feel like we don't have as many choices without those things!

Anyway, Happy weekend I hope everyone is doing well.

Less stress, more happy! Be better to yourself.