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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Learning Experiences!

I don't express much of the bad on my blog, which I feel like.. 
I like to be positive, but I also want to be real with you guys. 
My life is certainly not perfect.So I decided to tell you some of the mishaps Ive had lately.

The silly mistakes/back luck I’ve had lately:

  •  Learning Lesson #1 - Mayhem with Bliss in Denver.
 I wanted to get affordable vet care for my little Bliss, So I chose a place in Denver. 

I was trying to get three services that day: Spay, Microchip and Rabies Vaccine.
I called and set up my kitten for this on a Wednesday. I needed to get her dropped off between 7:30 and 8:30. At 8:15 I was moments away from pulling up to the clinic (or so I thought). This was in downtown Denver and there was some construction going on and a whole lot of traffic!! 

I had my GPS all set up and it kept saying "recalculating" ..."recalculating"

I called and asked for directions.. tried to memorize it. I hung up and still couldn't remember each and every detail. I went down the same streets like crazy. I kept "flipping a bitch" and turning around time and time again. 

Finally I was sort of freaking out because I knew I'd be late. I thought about heading back to the highway and then thought.. come on, I CAN DO THIS!!
All the while my little kitten is whining and probably thinking "what the heck! we have been in the car forever!! Where are we going?!"

So then I called the clinic once again, while I am parked and had this woman guide me  with directions until I finally got there. I arrived at 9 or so. Guess what? Luckily, they still decided they would take me in even though I was late.Then I'm filling out paperwork. Lots of it too.. I get about halfway through and It clearly states you cannot have them getting spayed if they haven't eaten for at least 8 consecutive hours.  

 I totally forgot about this. Its funny because I have had many surgeries and know for a fact you have to fast before surgery. It risks a lot during the process. My previous doctors/surgeons would most certainly remind me of this detail....aaaaand guess what? no one from the clinic reminded me or even told me to begin with when I SET UP the appointment. My little kitty may or may have not eaten, but its not worth the risk.

 So as it turns out.. I started bawling my eyes out. In front of everyone. Took my kitten back to the car.. freaked out a little more and called the two people who help me the most in life. Chris, and my mom. Chris told me it would all be okay, and that we all make mistakes, and he suggested to just get her rabies shot done. So then went back inside and asked the clinic if she could get her still get her rabies shot, so it wouldn't be as much of a waste of time..

The front desk lady said no, because she would have to be under anesthesia??? Without hesitation I peaced out pretty fast. I was so embarrassed. I went home and I did some research.

I'm glad that I didn't have any services done that day. I read that a cat shouldn't be under anesthesia while being vaccinated. Here's what is says. "This makes their immune system have to do two things at once, get better from their illness or clear anesthesia and build immunity from the vaccine. It also can lead to a vaccine failure if their immune system can not mount a proper immune response against the vaccine because it is busy with other things. It is better to make a second visit in to the vet for the vaccine when your animal is well."

 Anyway, now I've realized I need to act more like a parent to this kitten. What I learned from this is to research everything a little more before setting up appointments. Shop prices, look at reviews and also make a check list so nothing gets skipped over.

  •  Learning Lesson #2 - Parking Ticket
I recently received a parking ticket. In Chris's Car. Why? because I paid for parking, at the machine, took the receipt that came out and placed it on the dash.
You're probably wondering what I did wrong then huh? I thought the same thing myself when we received the parking notice.

 I didn't even GLANCE down to AT THE RECEIPT to see that it took my information down correctly. We went to the Colorado Symphony event and then came back and had this fun stuff on the dash. 

We got a ticket for parking in space #11, because the receipt says #6.

FAILING to even look to see if it were the correct receipt would have cost $75 (if I didn't get it appealed). Actually $85 because it was $10 to park there.   Luckily I got it taken care of.. But, really...taking my time a little more on that would have been good. Next time, I will glance down at the ticket and be sure that its mine, and if its not then I would try and call the lot supervision to let them know. Luckily my bank statement was ultimate proof.

 Here I am with the Symphony Tickets. It turned out pretty cool but... the parking ticket put a damper on the night.

  •  Learning Experience #3  Even if you trust people to not make mistakes, you may have to go behind them and double check.
I recently got another policy for insurance. It was suppose to cost $10.41.
Instead, someone accidentally added another 0 into that equation and withdrew from my account this amount: $1,041.00
When you are doing transactions over the phone.. Make sure that person does the transaction with you ON THE LINE, and check your bank account as soon as possible to make sure the person on the other end ran the transaction correctly. If I didn't check this and verify, I could have been in DEEP CA-CA !! Their mistake could and does cost YOU. The sooner these type of errors are noticed, the sooner they can get resolved.

Learning experiences accepted. 

Tell me about some of your mishaps/learning experiences in the comments section below. ;) 

If you have had a bad day like that .... Here's from me to you:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Searching for Myself

I am searching for myself..

It is so weird to be at this stage in my life. I am in my 20’s. I am no longer that same high school girl who was the new girl, little skater chick, whats-his-names-girlfriend, or the girl who doesn't have a group or "label".

She likes art, music and simple beauty. She’s critical, but she’s growing. She wants the balance between being hard and being soft. 

That's how I would describe my high school self, or college self in third person. 
Some of it has changed... Not a lot though.

There is a freedom to choose what we want to do in life but there’s no longer a road map with choices presented to us in the same way it was before.  If you were in middle school, you would go on to High School. If you’re enrolled in Algebra 1, you take the next class… Algebra 2, or whatever comes next. You move onto the next thing that is required of you. Once you move on from high school, it’s your choice.

  Go to work OR  pick a college and attend classes again. 
Easy enough? ..Right? ugh..

I went to college. I got my degree. Now whaaaat

What was your identity then and what is it now?
I realize now more than ever that feeling like you don’t have a purpose is very hard. I haven’t “selected” my lifelong goal. Should I just make a bucket list? and then earn my money however it comes? Is it more important to DO something in life? or to BE something in life? I still am researching and going into the “fitting room” with each job/lifestyle and trying it on for size.

I know I have a reason to be here. But what is my calling? And how do I go about attaining it? I know in my work I need to help people.

Lately, I’m having an attack of..reality!

I have to read the directions. I have to be more prepared. If I slack, then I pay for it. All of my mishaps can only be trailed back to me now.. Because I made a decision.

Whew! Sometimes I forget that we are not in as much control as we think. Even if you have everything planned out from A to Z. There still will be some random stuff thrown at you. Shit happens.

Want to know some stupid things that I’ve done recently that cost me time/money? 

HAHA! Never mind I won’t waste your time with that.

I don’t like rules. That’s why I am so bad with them. 


 Whatever I do is going to take WORK. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to accept. Has anyone had struggles with this? 

Am I the person I want to be?  Sure, I could work on being more prepared and actually following more directions. Sometimes inside I want to cry out like a two year old does. And I do. That's whats embarrassing. Crying is a huge outlet for me when I get frustrated. That is something I’m working on. 

What I’ve come to decide is… The best thing to do is just to go for what makes you happy at the time. What makes you happy may change. Accept that.
I thought I was happy earning a decent wage, but hating what my actual tasks were, day in and day out.  So now I’m changing it. It’s a journey.

This may sound like an oxymoron but my GOAL is to WORK ON NOT BEING SO HARD ON MYSELF.

You’re too hard on yourself.

Be light.
Be balanced.
Don’t keep track of your silly mistakes. 
Learn from them and know that you’re doing what you can.

Life is not like the movies. That’s it.

What are you hard on yourself about?


Making mistakes?

Your body?

We all have these things..

 Dear Colorado,
You have been through more than enough this year.
Please have a smooth rest of the year. Please stay strong.
My heart breaks for so many people right now through the tragedy that happened.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because I kept imagining how it must have been for those people. And knowing that he is locked up close to where I live creeps me out a bit. Either way, justice will be served. People have reached out so much and extended their love during this time. Each one of us mourns that this type of thing happens to innocent people. Huge hugs to Colorado. This community cares for each other.

Project: Happy

- Letting go and laughing more
-Self meditation and being mindful of my thoughts
- Being more fluid with my thoughts and energy.
-Knowing that I can battle my anxiety. It doesn't have the power. I do.

Please comment below :) It can be from facebook, or even anonymous. No sign in required. Thanks :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sangria, Orlando, Disney ...and a Growth for Loving Life

Prepare for a long blog ;)

 I'm busier now than before.
 I have the energy to plan and do what I want to.


[More exercise]

[Time to actually look how I want]

[Time to sleep in]

[I've seen lots of movies]

 Whats Your Number, Magic Mike, Ted, Project X

[Seen a lot of great people]

I went to my friend Barbies birthday bash. Happy Birthday again Barbie! I wish we had more time to talk and we should get together more often. I enjoyed being in an atmosphere where people just hung out and got to know each other. I look up to her a lot for keeping so many people entertained all the time.

I saw one of my dearest friends, Gia who makes me feel like I can carry on conversations and laughter forever with too. I feel like we can really relate on a lot of pains we have had in life.

We visited with a friend, named Jacquie who just had a baby.
 Her baby is sooo tiny and cute.
She is already the best mommy.  I can tell.

It reminded me that I don't see babies very often. 
They are so innocent and pure.
They bring you to a sense of humility for some reason.. 
Here is little Carter looking up at me. 

^haha it looks like I cut my hair way. Its just a layer.

[I shopped! which doesn't happen too often]


Made lots of derrrrricious food ;)
all time favorite snack (Tortilla with veggie cream cheese, slices of ham/turkey, a dill pickle... then roll it up and slice into little wheels) 

Sangria is our favorite thing to get when we go out because its light.. 
Its even better at home!!
Melon wine, Brandy, Hansen's mandarin lime soda and loads of fruit:

[Baths and Self Care]

 [Time with my Man]

Wednesday was our anniversary! 
We got together officially on July 11, 2009.

Crazy how time flies. And still to this day he makes me giggle like a school girl. Hes treated me to more than I can even type. But here's a start:

Look at those flowers! We had an amazing gourmet dinner at one of new favorite places..!

 Bone Fish Grill is so good. It doesn't matter what you order..

It will be supreme, my friend.. 


Hey Chris!

I cannot believe we didn't take more pictures. Oh well!
I was too happy to do it I guess. and I didn't really think about my phone..

I got Chris this over-sized "3" balloon that was silver, and two white and black ones that had intricate designs. Yeah they lasted 8 hours but balloons are always fun, so I figured hey, why not! I found another sports shirt that I thought he would like.. NFL gear, Broncos T shirt. And I found the way to Colorado Symphony tickets. I am so excited. Have you ever been in a HUGE structure where the noise bounces off the walls? 
Well imagine that plus a whole orchestra playing right in front of you. 

Did I already mention I am Verrry VERY excited for this! 

Another thing I'm excited for is the gift that Chris got for me. Loves it!
He is so thoughtful. As far as the rest goes...

Most amazing meal. Most fulfilling night along with many others before that.

Here's a sneak at what I wore... But not the whole thing, it was pretty daring of me.
It was very leggy and petite. I enjoyed being extra girly.

Lacy black top, with high-waisted shorts, a lacy belt to cinch it, some high heeled booties, and a black sweater to make it classy.

We got some amazing Creme Brulee!

 Here are some other desserts that I've been craving so bad! 

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie ala mode



Cream Puffs

[Vacation Planning]

Only a few weeks away!
I have arranged a vacation to my childhood stomping grounds VERY soon.. DISNEY WORLD!
seriously, I'll always love Disney.
I love Orlando too.

Disney has been amazing through the years.

Has anybody been to Busch Gardens there in Orlando? Or Universal? 
I have been to Universal Studios and that was amazing too!

Let me know! Thanks for stopping in.