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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I want to LIVE....not just survive.

The last few days have been kind of crazy. 

I feel like I conditioned my mind.

 I have also conditioned my body. Now I am seeing that when you don't work out, or get any type of physical activity... you are just not at your best. I am not at my full capacity on the happiness meter. Working out makes you feel success, even if you don't feel success during other parts of the day. Being successful makes you happy. You can go to bed knowing you have gotten another day closer to your body being at its healthiest, and its best. And when you feel good physically, its easier to feel good mentally. Don't neglect either one though!! Mind or body.


Something totally unnatural happened to me.A lot of people noticed me getting smaller and smaller, but it wasn't a healthy way. I didn't even start losing weight on purpose. I just quit being interested in meals... I was sluggish and annoyed. 

Luckily now, I am eating very well with my increased appetite from working out. Working out does more for your body than just physical changes. It changes your psychological self.

If I quit my exercise routine, or thinking any negative things..such as "I can't" then in my mind I will have already set myself up for failure. This is why I am going to fight for my happiness. Don't lose sight of your goals.

Positive reinforcement really works. DIY! (do it yourself) Because not everyone will know or express how awesome you really are. You only need to prove it to yourself.

Remember that train called The little engine that could?

Although, instead of saying "I think I can", lets just go with "I know I can!"

Sometimes we forget what we are really capable. Mind over matter. We have more say than you think. 

Check this out. This is my 'Prada' purse. It ripped... Not a happy camper.. 
See here was my reaction..

                                   HAH. Damn it.

Let yourself feel that "initial pissed off".. And then let it go..

And then I thought.. hmm that gives me a reason to take better care of my belongings, and to also that it gives me an excuse to find another purse. 

Thats my way of turning it around.. Look at the glass half full. Allow yourself to have that "initial reaction" but dude..really, get over it. Why continue to feel the bad. Why entertain your brain any longer to jump to other conclustions. Free yourself from mental slavery. That's just a small example. See how much better I look when I smile? lol..

Its the little things in life.. Like my strawberry walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette.
I really love this salad and my apple salad recipe too.

You never regret working out, but you regret not working out.


 There's many people in this world who struggle.. So be kinder. Be wiser. Know that you don't need to take life so seriously. Just enjoy it. Because 1 minute of sadness or anger is another minute you wont be able to get back.

 Throughout your day, when strangers or coworkers ask you "How are you?" Always reply with "great!" even if you aren't feeling great ....because just saying it out loud has been known to make people happier.

 I am in love with all things fruit and granola right now.. :)

 So excited for these summer months:

More rays of sunshine.
Kitty on the way.
Getting outside more.
New place soon!

I have been on the lookout for items for my kitten but I guess I should wait a little longer

Last but not least, I plan on updating my wardrobe when we move. I know its time to go through and see what is collecting dust and can be donated. Also, I would like to find some summer dresses to really bring out the true feminine woman I am. I love dressing up because it makes me feel like a dainty little person ;)
You know what else makes me feel like a dainty petite tinkerbell? 
 :) He puts his warm hands around my waist and sweeps my hair out of my eyes.
 I love him so much. He thinks of me. He got me some things for the kitchen that I have been needing for a long time. He also always makes me laugh. He is very silly.
The more effort you put in, the more you get out of it... That is true with everything.
Think about the possibilities 

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope everyone is doing well, and remember to push yourself to do something different every day. Make a list of things you want to do in life. Find a way to pursue them.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being MIA and how good it feels sometimes!

Sorry I have been MIA!

(ahem, another blast from the past photo!)

I'm working on taking more photos everyday! It helps us to remember our lives better because a picture takes us back to that very moment.

Being MIA and how good it feels sometimes though! I think everyone does it now and then..

I have gone back to combining my blogs from the fashion/beauty and personal to just ONE blog. I realized it made me blog less because I feel like I have more to do then...
I was too overwhelmed. I was in a rut.

I think the essence of making life different is what we yearn for. We get bored fast.  Or at least I do. lol

So lets try everything...
That's where I'm at. Lets do what makes us happy.
 What could go wrong?

(a recent photo!)

I don't care if everyone is "over" leopard print.. I'm still going to wear it. For me, its not a "trend" its something I have always liked... it looks classic on most anyone.


I'm doing ME! And you should do you. no one else.

Deactivating Facebook felt great.
I think sometimes we need stuff to kinda fall apart before good things can fall together again. Or just to remind you what is important again! Life has a funny way of teaching us things. REDISCOVER yourself.
All I did was Pintrest while being away from facebook.... Its my favorite way to share ideas now. Not only that, but its a great way to network with other fellow bloggers!

I made these really great "summer porridge's" that I found on Pintrest.

I put them in these little half pint mason jars and they're great for a quick snack or energizing breakfast. I bought the plastic screw on lids, but I need to return them for the correct size! They have greek yogurt, granola, nuts,oats, flax seeds, and fruit. Check them out!!! You make them "yours" by adding different things to it.

 Yum, right?

I'm going to make my famous fish tacos & sauce tonight..
(not my fish tacos pictured below)

I have been cooking a lot. I do find joy in it, but its also a LOT of work. If you know someone who cooks a lot...just give them a hug, its lots of work.

Very rewarding though.

I have perfected my crepes recipe! See! Finally I know how hot to get the pan, and how long they cook for. I use to stress out so much when I made these. Talk about success.

 I have basically perfected my udon noodle dish with spicy peanut sauce..
Chris helped a lot this time by adding filet mignon steak, and brussel sprouts. We usually do it vegetarian style, but its good with steak or chicken sliced on top and as many different types of seasoned veggies as well.


 Anywho, that's all thats new with me right now. I am actively just trying to make my life more about what makes me happy everyday. I find it hard sometimes to have the energy but I have to ask myself, "isnt being happy worth it? Isn't it worth working for? We go to work for someone else a lot of the day, and the least we can do for ourselves is to venture out into our OWN passions.

I have a lot to look forward to, because I am making those changes in my life now.

heres some things that make me laugh:

Hope all of you are doing well. 

The purpose of life is to taste it, to experience it, to toy with it, to ask questions, take charge.... And now I'm going to try to spoon feed myself with my own advice. I know whats right.