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Monday, July 29, 2013

Plan B?

This has been the busiest summer of my whole life. And I welcome it. I have loved every minute of it.
The laughs, the tears, the intensity, the drunken times, heartbreak and aches,
the scary times.. the unforgettable.

Ive missed writing too much. I feel like life is a tread mill that is on the highest speed and it rarely ever slows down. And for this, I will get it all caught up now with blogging! Well, its been a long time since I last wrote. I am a little surprised that I waited this long.. What have all of you lovelies been up to this whole time?

One thing is for sure. A lot of the stuff that happened this summer was not very "planned". Except the weddings I was so happy to attend.

I don't know where I am headed for the first time in so long.
My life adventure is decided on just enjoying life. Regardless what I am doing. Of course I will always set goals for myself,  but not so much that I am fixated purely on the results.
This life is a ride to which I strapped into and I am glad for the twists and turns, because at least I do not get bored! Actually I do. Which is one reason why I tend to switch things up as often as I do.

If you havent seen..I dyed my hair this summer. Its pretty dark and I'm already ready for something new again! Go figure!

I went from this...

to this..


to this..!

WOAH NELLY! and thank goodness it faded but at first it was like POW!

 Here are some pics of Jesse + Sarahs wedding. YAY!


Pics of Rob + Megans Wedding! YAY


Jessie and Josh's Wedding! YAY!


Congrats to you all.. I love you guys!

I have to say that even though I am not even close to getting married, or having kids. I am still so happy to be apart of these events in my friends lives and celebrate with them. They are such wonderful people and they all deserve to be happy. I cant wait for the memories to be made with all of them in their new paths.

For me, I am currently working on..
Plan B..
No, not that type of plan B! I mean I'm the type of person who is now on a plan B (IN LIFE!) I thought I had it all figured out. And once I did that, it all came out from underneath me. Things aren't always what they seem.

.. Maybe I should say “path B”
Either way, I feel like there are times in my life when I run down a really really long winding path and I have just given it my ALL.. Just literally catching my breath and finally feeling like I will finally feel the sigh of relief. But instead, when I am dry and low on energy.. and my body feels as if I have finally met victory, I learn that I have just been elected to began a whole new race. WHAT?!

And really, when I get to the end, it turns out to be a dead end. I'm not sure why Ive seen this as “failure in the path”. It is meant to be this way though. These are my learning spurts.
I went to school and earned a degree. That degree is still not being put to use. The worst part is that I criticize myself for not knowing where I am at in life. Sometimes its little things, like seeing where other people are and comparing my journey to theirs. So many people already have kids, a house, a spouse.. And here I am.. just still working on myself. Who is to say that is wrong though?

"How long has it been since someone touched part of you other than your body?"

I can say that this summer, I finally have gained a sense of independence on another level. I am lucky for this self discovery.

OH! and a big shout out to my friend Hannah. She is too awesome not to recognize. She has such a beautiful heart. She can listen to me when I desperately just need to hash shit out. I am so seriously lucky to have a friend who is here for me whenever, however and as much as she can give in that moment. Even if its just a few brief words to cheer me up. Hannah, you're the beezneez dude. I love you! This past year and a half, we have bonded so much. I now know that you'll definitely be a FOREVER friend and always make it to the next chapter in my life. We have a Vegas trip planned this October and I couldn't be happier that I will be experiencing this adult playground with you and our group <3


What else can I say? I thought I wanted to go into the beauty field. I cant touch people all day but I love helping people so I will continue to flourish somewhere in ANY job that allows me to do so. The nice part is, I can change my mind whenever I want. The day always starts out fresh and you can make a new path if you change your mind. Now, all I have to worry about is making some good dough, being happy and healthy... I assume the rest will follow and I will stop putting my energy into things that don't allow me to grow as a person.

Will check in sooner than later on this

X to the O. 
Blogger out.