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Sunday, January 22, 2012

SO many dreams, all in one person.

lately, I have been loving avocados. It is weird how when you eat one food too much, then forget about it for a while.. then randomly rediscover it. I hadn't had a firm, ripe avocado in a long time!

We had avocado fries this weekend. Those were really amazing. and then I bought some at the store just to eat with enchiladas and by itself for a snack.

Ever have an OBSESSION for a food and then get tired of it...only to rediscover it again later?

we had sangria this weekend and it was de-lish too.

I notice as of lately, my standards are pretty high..
I dream big, and try to make it happen. What I need to realize is that I can do it all, just not all at once.

I think high hopes are great... But we also have to be somewhat realistic.

My theme, in everything in life right now, is enjoying the process, and slowing it down. I don't want to live so fast, or even out of my means. Each one of our decades has some purpose/learning stage/ or meaning in some way.

Right now I am in my 20's and I should do what a  mature 20-something would. :)

For some reason though, I had been daydreaming about a lot of things happening before I should do it. I want a new car. I look at my money, and I shouldnt really go and do that right now. Having a bigger car payment, means having to cramp my living style a little bit, and I dont want to do that. So im going to change my car up, to update it and make it feel like I have a new car. Tint, inside acessories, new steering wheel, that sort of thing. Small changes, but probably could make a big difference.

So, I'm taking small steps for save for that.
Eye on the prize, thats the whole idea.
I've seen too many people jump into that lifestyle only to have it quickly crumble because they moved too fast.

but small changes over periods of time - not just a dream come true all at once- otherwise we would go broke.
I think its good to have long term and short term goals. They have their own jars is all.

and also, don't forget to jump on something when the time is right.
Its funny because I also think you should be the optimist, pessimist and the realist all rolled into one. That's what life is about right? Lets not be black and white.

lol heres an old photo.. had to put up one that was goofy..

Still haven't been able to find any of these cute leggings that are thick sweater-like material. 

I bought some at TJ maxx that dont fit right so I have to take those back :(
It is so hard to find good leggings. I only have one pair that I am totally satisfied with. Does anyone know where the best place is to buy these? Ive tried a lot of places.

Hair-! Help!
Here I am now. My hair is layered and needs some discipline. No more shampooing everyday. I had a problem with wanting that ultra clean feeling everyday.. Stripping my scalp of its oils and making it painfully dry.. I mean I was literally uncomfortable. My scalp even hurt. So now I am trying to do it THREE times a week without washing. I don't know if any of you find this difficult to do this (or in this case, NOT do)

I have totally been abusing it. (I do use a heat protectant BUT)
I was blow drying everyday. 
Straightening everyday.
Shampooing and conditioning everyday.
But I felt like it didn't look good if it wasn't processed. But then I remember in highschool how I never was so bad to my hair and I went without styling it quite a bit, and it looked nice naturally.

Above photo- that is my hair right now. Just, out of my way lol. Sorta dorky, but I like it.

I am so sick of worrying about my hair. I have decided to almost "let it go" as in ....cut it.. but, I have decided to first try doing messier, out of my way types of styles first. Right now I have it tied back and it feels like I'm in my "writing mode". It just feels more productive when its not all on your face. It will get cut once or twice a month to help with split ends.
Its funny how the littlest changes make the biggest difference.

This weekend it was sooooo cold that it made me want to buy out a sweater store. I couldn't have been more layered up.


I love fall and winter clothes but I love the simplicity of just laying in the sun...


I am loving this little map bathing suit, it is too cute. I cant wait til summer is here!

Until then, it is outfits like the one below.
Isn't that a cute outfit? Sooo my style!

Until it gets warm though :/ Sweaters, Layers, and lots of it.
 For now I will reside in outfits like the one below.. that is for sure my style. love it.

The three pictures below are how I feel: cozy 

P.S. This whole post was inspired by a conversation with Chris today. He really helps me to live my life to where I can enjoy it. He is wise beyond his years.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Welcome 2012

I love the feeling of starting fresh in the new year. I am so thrilled with it so far. My life is like a sponge that just keeps soaking up more of the goodness in this world. Its amazing how simple it can be too. All you have to do is think positive,then pursue what you love and work hard! then, BAM! Things will start really happening for you.
I figured I would start over with my blog.

My xanga is no longer going to be used.

It will just be about primarily my life, love, personal,
fashion, crafts, and beauty related things.

(sorry this photo is a little blurry!)

Anyone have beauty goals for 2012?
I know this is weird, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has em.

-I am going to try to go out of the box with my wardrobe and at least try on something different that I may not normally wear. 


-Be nicer to my hair. Not as much heat, and not over-shampooing.

-Get shellac done more, and if not shellac then use nail strengthener at home.

I wish so badly that our natural nails grew out like the picture below.
I don't think it'll ever happen for me. So that's why I get shellac. Its a thin gel like substance which caps your nails but doesn't destroy them like other acrylics. I cant wait to go to the salon! Its been a long time since I've gotten it done. If any of you have tips for nail growth please let me know! It is a struggle!


I went to the mall today and checked out what they had in store. My friends and I were all in agreement that they needed some fresh new items. Most of the styles are just too winter-like. Obviously its still winter :(

I bought a few leg warmers and some cozy candles and scents from Bath and Body works.
 The sales at VS weren't very impressive this time for me.  One thing I never thought I would wear again is leggins but they really are comfortable and keep you warm if you buy the right ones.

I love this style..

Comfort is the best function of fashion.

I am going to get a few bandanas and wear my hair up in a bun messier than ever and just go out with it like that.

I am such a fan of the simple neutral earthy tones. There's something that feels so good about wearing white. Some of my most favorite shirts have been plain white with style on them, like buttons or little detailing on stitching.

Every now and then I get reminded to add more pops of color into my wardrobe.

Thanks for checking out my new stuff. More updates later. I want to know what the trends of this year will be. I have been seeing a lot of crop tops but im not a fan of them.

Is there any cute trends?

My goals continue to be the same.
Obviously.. everyone wants to be in better shape so and I want to also.. for this year I'm eating better and getting more physical activity in. I did even better in 2011 then I thought I would with eating better. When Chris and I first moved in, we ate more junk. Not to say we never eat junk food, but it has lessened up quite a lot.

 My anxiety will GO DOWN this year. Im finding out more ways to deal with it when it does come up. It does exist and I need to acknowledge it. luckily, I dont get those attacks too often.

I believe that pampering yourself should be a huge part of life. Not that working hard isn't good, it is... but taking care of yourself is even better.  and that's how working out should be viewed. It is a way of taking care of yourself.

Back to pampering....another addition to this year is more massages, more going out, more treats, concerts, vacations, and whatever this litte heart desires.
I'm only in my 20s for a short period of time, and this is where its at!
I really miss going to shows and the feeling that it gives you.

Music does not judge your emotions, it evokes them to be released.

here I am, 2012!