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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Dream Home

Here is my dream home in photos :) Plus a few songs to start off:

 Last night I heard everything in slow motion - Oliver Tank

Faded - Ghost Beach

  Feel Alright - Chance Waters


 :) I love these spaces/ideas.






Accent Features:


Large Entertainment Dining Area:

Kitchen Ideas:

My favorite...

This one is nice and clean looking:

Lovely with the fireplace.


Fun idea for a play room:

Guest Room:



Cozy backyard tent for fun:

My idea of camping out:

Isn't that a lovely dream? :)  I know money doesn't bring happiness but it doesn't hurt to enjoy the photos of such beautiful homes. I would like to check out the parade of homes this year. Anyone interested in going?


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Anonymous said...

Love the music on the first song and definetly feel the lyrics on the third