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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For the love of Inspiration: Thinking of Inking & Sharing my Piercings

It is always such a pleasure to write. I have finally conjured enough thoughts to make it a complete blog. I am inspired.

It seems to me, as the weather gets nicer... people get nicer. It is definitely a mood lift to feel the warmth on your skin again. I definitely am excited for summer, even though I know I will be busy working and possibly going back to school... I need to get to the pool more this year and just soak up the rays.

How do you feel about people pitching a product to you?

 Sometimes it happens without your permission. This week, these two sales women came into my work and tried to sell me some mineral make up and a hair straightener. I felt exremely pressured because I COULDN'T get away from them. It was at my work... 

 Who comes into a small business to sell something? You don't see that too often.

Long story short.. I didnt buy what they were selling.  Sometimes I have a hard time saying no though. I thought about it and I already have some amazing products at home. This inspired me to share to you guys what mine are and why I probably wont change. Some of these things I have been using for YEARS! I don't want to buy new things that I'm unsure of.

My favorite beauty items I use daily:


Face Moisturizer

What keeps me smooth and smelling yummy.


I am considering to buy
-hair fertilizer ($6)- organic root stimulator
-hair, skin and nails - ($6) Spring Valley
-coconut oil ($5-$10)for many uses. Hair and skin. You can also cook with it.

I have decided that I still don't like any of the dry shampoos I have tried. They just make me feel even more yucky about my hair not being washed. I have found that it works best for me to just rinse my hair on the "off" day and that makes it look and feel better. The problem is... We don't always have time for that. Most mornings I am in a time crunch since I pushed the snooze button one time too many.

I have found a new love with dying my hair. Thanks to my friend Megan, she has shown me the light to a new me. Its definitely fun but there is a lot of upkeep to it. My mom says its safe to dye it every six weeks. I may try every 8-10 weeks if I can get away with it. The darker color I have on now is shexy. I love the look of a darker color for the winter months.
I wish I had the balls to go platinum blonde but I am afraid I will be washed out. I should try on a wig to see how weird it would be! Anyone know of any wig shops? Haha lets go try on some wigs to see how we feel about different styles and colors.

This is random. but something to try if you haven't.. Tide Pods.

 These make your clothes smell sooo good. The only problem is that they are pricey!


All of a sudden, I am into protein. Protein bars, protein shakes.. checking to see the amount of protein on food labels. It is the one and only thing that makes me feel like I am full enough to be productive for hours on end.

Chris makes these thick protein smoothies everyday. We desperately need a new blender that is easy to use! We got a magic bullet blender from my grandma when we moved in 3 years ago and It is starting to die on us since we use it so much! I want one that includes the tumbler that you take with you.

 These are so good. Try them! 15g of protein

My plan/Origination of my tattoo idea:

I have been considering a tattoo for the past few years. One day it just came to me. A dream catcher. They have always meant a lot to me and I have received them as a  child from both my mom and from my dad. The gift was always very special to me.

The dream catcher concept is that all of the good dreams stay with you on the web of the dream and continue to flow through.. while the bad ones are caught and they never come back. It only catches the good. The feathers are symbolic of breath and air. Breath is essential of life. That is what I hope to live my life by. Hold onto the beauty and the happy dreams. Your success, your love, your dreams.. 

I have had these for years and years.

 I have always loved piercings. I have thought about tattoos and have waited it out.

 I am in the process of carefully choosing an artist.
 I hope to make this happen by my birthday. But there should be no rush, if I don't find the perfect artist by then.

The History of my piercings :

My first piercing was my earlobes of course.  I think I was maybe in 4th grade when I got that done at Claires. I think I was maybe 10 years old ..

I got my belly button pierced when  I was 13 years old, at a shop called CDS in aurora. This was the most nerve wracking but I absolutely still love my belly button ring.

 I got my cartilage pierced, and a 2nd hole for the earlobes at Piercing Pagoda kiosk. One did not get done at the correct angle so it healed weird. I do not wear the 2nd row anymore. I got that when I was about 15.  

During the cartilage piercing, it felt similar to a hot frying pan being held against my ear. The healing process tends to be pretty easy as long as you follow the directions exactly the way they told you care for it. I have been happy to not have any rejections or infections of any kind.

  When I was 19, I decided to get my tongue pierced. I got it done at Bonaroo Tattoo in Aurora. Only because I could. It was a very strange healing process. Since the tongue is always wet.. the healing process is long. The tongue cannot scab over. I had a decent amount of swelling. It healed up very nicely and I liked it for a long time. Chris wasnt a fan of people seeing my tongue ring because some people are dirtballs. But he didnt mind it there, or not. I had it in for maybe a year. I check that off my bucket list.

 In the end, I removed my tongue ring so I could engage in eating sushi more often without it being bothered. (and also spaghetti...)

 Heres a few pics of the piercings:


I know that tattoos and piercings are different ball games but I figure if im brave enough to do those things, I can probably go and get a tattoo (as far as the pain part goes)

Every now and then I miss my tongue ring but then I think about how I like to eat lots of different food and I dont like it being in the way of that :)

Anywho! I hope to update more often than I have been. I love you all and thank you for your support.


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